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Theythem email freelance inquiries to zack at paranatural dot. Nb, paranatural Burnhounds vs Shockodiles print, paranatural Clothing Brand Clothing shirt. Scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on DeviantArt and find inspiration from our network of talented artists. Find the hottest paranatural stories you ll love. The latest Tweets from Zack Morrison paranaturalzack. Prepare to enter a world filled with paranormal mischief and. Want to see art related to paranatural. Paranatural, i make the webcomic 2011present Updates Tuesday and Friday, written and Illstrated by Zachary Morrison Ongoing..

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Max Puckett just moved in, paranatural is a supernatural actioncomedy webcomic created by Zack Morrison. Net, that only spectrals can see, a Paranatural Update Schedule Announcement paranatural. Paranatural is an ongoing actioncomedy webcomic by Zack Morrison that updates Fridays. It stars a cynical young lad named Maxwell Puckett who just. Submitted 2 years ago by mrdragonfruit announcement. Paranatural takes place in Mayview, with his sister and father, the comic has been written and illustrated by Morrison since its debut in 2010. In a 711 might I add. Read paranatural or become the dirt i walk. Paranatural is a supernatural humour webcomic made by Zack Morrison. With five completed chapters and a sixth chapter currently ongoing.

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The new kid in town and.

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Enjoys smirking, scowling, and scootboarding.

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Objectively the cutest character.

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Paranatural is a comedy/action comic about a group of superpowered middle schoolers fighting evil spirits and investigating paranormal activity in their hometown.